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    1. Senior pictures need to be in to Ms. Trujillo by Jan. 31, 2018. Otherwise, Kenneth Brown studio will just pick one.

    2. Yearbook Sales:   Pre-Sale/$50.00-Oct. 2- Dec. 15; $65.00-Jan. 8th to Mar. 16th 2018; Regular Sale/$75.00 When yearbooks come in. 

    3. Parent to Senior pages:  Last day to order will be Friday, Jan. 26th, 2018

    4. Full Page- will contain 15-20 pictures and short reflection-$100.00

    5. Half Page will contain 7-10 pictures and a short reflection-$50.00

    6. Come by A104 to purchase your pages. Please bring pictures and your reflection when you come. Our yearbook staff will design your page. Sorry, no checks.


    Senior Baby Pictures due Feb. 9th, 2018


    Yearbooks should be here by the 1st week of May, 2018.

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  • GHS Dress Code 2017-18 and Electronic Policy


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  • GHS Tardy Policy: Letter to Parents

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  • GHS Ambush!


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  • Parents: Please update your contact information, especially your phone number, with GHS. Please call us at 721-2500.

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  • GHS Announcements


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Dress Code


Tops-Polo/GHS Spirit Shirt

  1. Students may wear any color Polo EXCEPT Red/ Royal Blue Polo’s
  2. High School Spirit T-Shirts may be worn daily. Cut off sleeve shirts are prohibited.
  3. Note: no shirts of any other styles except those listed above are allowed, no skin should be shown
  4. For the safety of our students and staff no hoodies of any kind are allowed. Students may wear GHS sweaters or long sleeve shirts under their polo. Jackets red or blue are prohibited.


  1. Jeans black or blue and Khaki pants are the only pants permitted
  2. Sweat pants, camouflage, torn jeans, wind pants/warm ups, spandex, or leggings are prohibited.
  3. Must be worn at waist, FIT appropriately and be proper length. Belts should not be hanging from waist.
  4. Must be a style that is not saggy, baggy, or over-sized and cannot be worn low to show underwear.
  5. Must be clean and neat, without rips, tears, or holes.
  6. Shorts (with a minimum of a 4-inch inseam and a maximum of not more than two inches past the knee), Capri pants and skirts (hems no more than 4 inches above the knees) are acceptable in khaki tan and blue denim – camo is not allowed for shorts.


  1. Wearing of hats, beanies or any other head gear is prohibited in the school.

GHS Electronic Policy

  • Gallup High School will have a no cell phone ,headphones electronics policy implemented from 8:30 am -3:45 pm including passing periods with the exception of lunch.
  •  VIII. 12. 19 ELECTRONIC DEVICES The use of any and all electronic devices by Elementary and Secondary students during the school day, whether on-campus or during a school-sponsored event, is strictly prohibited. The “school day” shall mean the normal hours of operation of the school.
  • While Elementary and Secondary students are not prohibited from possessing Electronic Devices, unless otherwise prohibited by law or District policies, rules or procedures, the Electronic Devices must be turned “off” and stored in a student’s backpack, clothing, purse, locker, or vehicle.
  • This Policy does not apply to the sanctioned use of Electronic Devices by teachers, or students under the direct supervision of their teacher, for educational purposes.
  • This policy does not prohibit the use of electronic devices on school buses or extracurricular activity buses unless otherwise restricted by District staff responsible for the activity.